Camera Packages

Choosing the right camera system.


Security Cameras is a fast changing technology with a very high demand. At Future Property Solutions we are aware of this need and with experience with thousands of camera system installations we can find the system that fits you needs. With every camera and camera system having their own advantages and disadvantage. call us today for an on-site consultation.

What can I expect from a camera system?


The biggest feature all camera systems have are the ability to be viewed remotely from cellphones, tablets, and even laptop. Allowing you to alway be a couple taps away from your home or business. Also having the ability to access recordings from any of those devices as well.

What are the most important factors to look for in a camera system?


When buying a camera system there are multiple factors that are key for maximizing affectiveness. The top 3 factors we Look for is clarity, nighttime image and viewing angles. We’ve learned over the years that these are the most important things to look for because what police and detectives use to further their investigation when there is a incident. The clarity  resolution needs to be high enough for to make out vehicle make and models as well as facial features. Nightime image goes hand in hand with clarity because 65%-80% of the time break is happen at Night so the image needs to be clear enough for the detectives to use. And angle we love wide angle cameras without the ability to cover the designated area.Get your free consultation today.

Ring Doorbell Products

Ring doorbell


If your looking for instant updates for activi at your home or busines. With ring all devices give you a constant and instant update of motion and if you have deliveries never miss a package.

Nest Products

Nest Thermostat E


Save energy with the ability to change the temp from anywhere or give it a range to stay in between.

Nest Learning Thermostat


Save money with this Thermostat with it being able to sense your trends and times when your not home to maximize efficiency. 

Smoke and CO2 Alarm


The Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm looks for both fast and slow burning fires. It can alert your phone and tell you where the danger is. And it lets you hush a false alarm with your phone. Also has a ten battery life